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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Food For Thought

I have proof - actual evidence - that we're SO buried in "news junk speak" that we glide by wiggle words like might or could happen or according to anonymous sources.  Proof that we're also numb to ridiculous book deals handed out like candy to idiots who's idiocy will be marketed to other desperate idiots.  Ad agency execs live quite nicely on ad revenue thanks to such idiots.

Now my friends & family are really, really smart people... or so I thought.  I sent them an email with this Subject line:  "You're never going to believe this!!" (you know the kind).  Why? Because... well, because it was one of those "junk news for idiots" days and my little ornery streak got loose.  I just couldn't resist with Joe trying to horn in on Bristol's 15 min. of fame.  Here's the email...

Joe the Plumber announced he ditched the GOP and, according to undisclosed inside virtual sources, Joe/Sam has been courting Bristol Palin since breaking her engagement to Johnston. Joe said he proposed last weekend in NYC & Bristol squealed, "Yes!" They plan to be married in June at Governor Palin's home then retire to an undisclosed location to write their books, which total over $10 million. Now about that bridge...
Could happen, ya know!  That's how urban legends get going... keep passing them on... some surrepticiously posting ideological thrillers using "Anonymous" comments on articles or blogs about every hot-button issue under the sun.

My delicious recipe was to use all of these flavors:  "according to undisclosed inside virtual sources," which apparently was too subtle to be noticed.  The Subject line and kicker at the end were surely dead giveaways like "Now about that bridge.." (as in "If you believe that, I've got a bridge to sell you!").

But my really, really, really smart friends & family fell for it anyway!  Hummm.. passed right on by tell-tale signs of tongue-in-cheek & bit!  I'll bet they just assumed the bridge was to nowhere...

Poor Dick Cheney!  His daughter had to duke it out with Eugene Robinson in his defense... of torture.  He so desperately wants the country to know that HE was the true DON now that he doth protest too much.

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