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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Battle of Old War Horses

Are we ready for an Independent Party to emerge?  I am certainly past ready for the country to stop being in the grip of political sniping.  The 'Dick-Newt-Rush' junk-yard-dog style of political discourse has truly worn thin (psst! someone please tell the press corps).  Cheney choosing Rush over Powell is news?  Now General Powell's answer is on Face The Nation this Sunday morning... and this is important to us how? 

General Powell is a politician as are all top brass in our armed forces - that is how they rise to the top in the military. He was rising through those ranks when Cheney was Sec. of Defense and CEO of Halliburton/KBR.  Both are RETIRED OLD "war horses" of our federal military or bureaucracy... well, at least Gen. Powell has a legitimate claim to being in a real war.  No longer running the REAL show, I guess leadership of one political party is a good substitute if the media covers it - satisfies their egos anyway.
Meanwhile the REAL SHOW goes on with REAL BATTLES to bring...
  • Osama & Al-Queda to justice (after 6 yrs of failure),
  • a careening investment-banking-credit system under control (after being wrecked),
  • military spending & its accounting under control for first time in 30 years,
  • scientific research back to the forefront,
  • regulation back to being effective again to protect us all, and
  • JOBS back to Americans to reinvest in the USA!!
 So...our press eagerly covers these 2 old men doing battle for a political party, but fails in its First Amendment duty to cover what is most important to most citizens.

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