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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TOOTHTELLING: Economic Facts

Check Facts Here:  VoteSmart- FactCheck- OpenSecrets

TOOTH TELLING:  News flash about deregulation of the banks... can't pin that one on Clinton.  Bank deregulation was one of the first big pieces of legislation the Republican leadership pushed through beginning in Jan. of 1995 - when the GOP took over the majority in both House & Senate - that bill wasn't Bill's!  Both House & Senate outflanked Clinton (Oxford Rhodes Scholar in economics) - in office only 2 years & a pragmatic centrist politician (and flagrant philanderer!).  The rest of the story is here

Now for a bit more economic history. The US financial system has been operating for almost 30 years on Reagan's "trickle-down" economic plan (mid-1980's), and NAFTA was another of his plans carried out later by GOP leadership in the mid-1990's - with Clinton's blessing.  Our economic system weathered the following:
  • collapse of the country's immense savings & loan industry, 
  • Chicago's Continental Bank in 1984 (largest until now), 
  • fallout of the Asian financial implosion in 1997, and
  • bailout of hedge-fund Long-Term Capital Management in 1998. 
Now if that doesn't give you some confort in these trying times, then stop watching NonsenseNews, take long walks, and then ck out US exports & big box profits from the last 3 mo.  Our country has gone global folks... get used to it!

McCain downplays his proposed tax on employee healthcare benefits while touting his $5000 tax credit ($2500 singles).  Now his tax on benefits that grow at 10-20% per year will soon swamp a tax credit growing at only 3-5% per year.  Well, you do the math & get a clue.

Notice how NonsenseNews bleats on & on about silly distractions while failing to discover & inform the public about the fallout on Wall Street?  Where were their investigative reporters while Swedish officials were briefing our Treasury & Federal Reserve chiefs on the outcome of Sweden's bank bailout from its similar implosion 10 years ago?  Had they informed the public, people would've had some warning to move out of stock funds before getting burned so badly.

Are you tired of hearing McCain can go any minute?  Another news flash!  Either candidate could have a short life span from natural or unnatural causes.  Carefully evaluating the VP candidates is very important because the VP is needed to help govern - whether advising the Cabinet or casting the lone deciding vote to break a Senatorial tie.  Ck those dudes out - Bridges - More Bridges

Don't know about you, but I am also SO tired of hearing about change, reform, maverick, or getting government on the side of the people (as opposed to off our backs or out of our bedrooms).... Need I go on?  You're tired of it, too???  We need to keep in mind that regardless what either party/candidate says now, their promises will go by the wayside once in office what with that bloated budget, bailout & a war soon to surge into Afghanistan.

Financing our government will be the war we fight over the next decade.  Hopefully voters will consider - very carefully - which candidate & VP, along with their team of Cabinet members, has the smarts & capability to deal with ALL of those problems AT ONCE!  The rest on NonsenseNews is best left behind....

An better informed electorate makes a better nation!  ~  MomsHugs

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