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Monday, October 6, 2008

Loose Rules Sink Ship - Part II

And now ... for the rest of the story since 2004. Did Henry Paulsen see the financial markets imploding when he accepted appointment as Sec. of the Treasury in 2006? Doubt it. How much did Annette Nazareth know & when did she know it? When she resigned in 2007? Good questions & only she would know... unless of course someone sues & they all get hauled into some federal court with jurisdiction. Where would that be? Can our government be hauled into the Brussels International Court? ... More & more questions come to mind as I type. The New York Times reporters - bless their little hearts - have begun a series - "The Reckoning" - trying to answer some of my many questions. It will make the movie "Wall Street" look pithy & pale. Get front row seats & read all about it. Good night & good luck!!

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