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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

This, too, shall pass. . .

And so it did. . . pass, that is.  It has been a year since I last posted due to unforeseen health issues - after falling from the attic through my bathroom ceiling while looking for squirrels. Doing splits in mid-air at my age is no mean feat! Luckily one leg caught on the gas line to the furnace & a shoulder blade caught on a joist or I would not be here a year later to tell about it. As Elvis would put it, "I was all shook up!" with a whiplash & plenty sore for quite a while. I'm under orders now - No More Squirrel Chasing!!

Since then a lot of water under the proverbial political bridge has happened, including a mid-term election. Republicans took control of the House in much the same manner as the Democrats did during Reagan's first term. Brings to mind my mother's old adage ~ "This, too, shall pass. . ."

I moved on, too.  SO much of our American society has become highly politicized that, frankly, I just plain wore out tracking down all the misinformation, disinformation, no information, and fantastical claims.  No one seemed to care about factual information anymore & I got tired of trying to set the record straight.

Since I was benched for chasing squirrels in my attic, it proved to be a good time to read up on the Battle of the Bulge in World War II in order to begin a memorial to my uncle who was captured & held in several in German POW camps.  It proved to be quite a challenge. . . and remains to be finalized with a little help from his son.  It also proved to be a great reminder of how one little man (or woman) could so easily change the course of history and millions upon millions of lives.

The men and women who lived through that terrible war in the European or the Pacific theaters are dying at a fast clip.  If you know anyone who lived through it and have never heard their story, better visit them soon or it will be too late.

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