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Monday, July 6, 2009

Kids Health: Fun & Fitness 4 All

The daughter of a long-time friend (nurse & hospital administrator) shares her mother's passion about fitness. Both women firmly believe that healthy eating and exercise is just a fun part of life, but Sara jacked up her passion quite a few notches higher than her mom.

Sarah Vance, a Fitness Instructor for 15 years in Denver and MOM to 2 kids, moved to the San Diego area with her husband where she incorporated her passion for fitness into a new endeavor: Yoga Fun & Fitness Fun 4 All.

You see, this country has a medical "train wreck" coming down the tracks because kids eat & drink more sugar and empty calories, and are more sedentary than 20 years ago. Lack of exercise and nutrient deficiencies have doubled the number of kids with weight problems, leading to an increasing number of Juvenile Type II Diabetes, which leads to heart disease and even loss of toes & feet as adults. Well... you get the picture... now get scared! Sara was well aware of what the future held for these kids and decided to take action!

Sara is teaching kids the importance of health & wellness through twice-weekly classes in area elementary schools and through Fitness Fun 4 All. Kids learn about healthy nutrition, exercise and mind-body connection - all while having fun through yoga, fitness games and food games called “Slow, Go and Whoa” - A Kids Guide to Eating Right.

Sara makes it fun for the kids to learn that wellness is about balance - making good food choices and being active MOST of the time. Check out how she does it in the NBC video in the sidebar.

If you would like to join Sara in FUN FITNESS, move away from the computer, lay the book down, close the door if at work, and start the next video... the Gummibär Nuki Nuki Song will get you MOVING!!

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