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Monday, June 8, 2009

Senator Grassley Twitter Tweaks Twits

Irked Grassley Tweets Obama in France, 'You Got Nerve'

Senators like Grassley and McCain using their staff to Twitter do so at their risk. Just too cute to tweak the twits who report the 'tweet' as news to twits who eat it up like 'tweaties' for breakfast. Dumb, dumber, dumbest like blind leading the blind; and once sent, you can't get it back. But NO ONE checks FACTS before tweeting or reporting tweets.

Unfortunately, senators who Twitter just end up looking foolish not like respected statesmen. Question really is why do reporters and journalists get their underwear all in a twitter putting it out in national news?  For this our Nonsense News is protected by the First Amendment?

Senator Grassley attended an Iowa AARP 'town hall' meeting recently where he opened his remarks with a sad statement about Congress has a history of working together on bipartisan legislation. He should carefully listen to his own words and THEN listen to ALL the health care forum videos. The rising costs of medical care and premiums, despite high deductibles, have become an overwhelming burden for small businesses and individuals, which has hurt our economy in the long run. What part of that does he not understand after 3 terms in the House and 6 terms as Senator?

Since Grassley has been in Congress a very long time - since 1974, he surely understands his Constitutional duty and responsibility to write and pass legislation. The President cannot do anything until Congress does its job first. Meanwhile, President Obama went to France to commemorate D-Day in Normandy and took a day off to enjoy its capital city. To chastise him for doing what all presidents before him did is indeed petty and childish, which may affect Iowan's perception of Grassley in the 2010 election.  However, he APPEARS to be Twittering some kind of battle cry to satisfy the social uber-conservatives out for his blood for wanting to think a bit before commenting about Iowa's Supreme Court decision on same-sex civil unions.  Nothing short of "Out with that liberal rascal!" is good enough for those radicals.

The President meanwhile APPEARS the statesman our country has needed for a long time - SMART WITH NERVES OF STEEL - now that is one we can respect and admire. He is also admired for being a caring family man taking time to celebrate his daughter's birthday even if it was in Paris.  He lives family values as espoused by Republicans for years while GOP leaders like Gingrich and Limbaugh did not and still do not. As we all know, APPEARANCES DO MATTER, especially with regard to our nation's leaders. Yes, Senator Grassley, you are right - thankfully, our President does have nerve.

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