Lonesome Tree in Sandhills

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Global Migrating Traders

Is trading in this global world of finance still too much to grapple with? Try comprehending something more complex, yet much easier to understand - because we simply accept forces of nature like these Global Migrating Traders.

Major players in Nature's Global Trading Exchanges are the Sandhill Cranes, much larger than snow geese. In March the Sandhill Cranes migrate from their winter homes spread across northern South America, fly north through a narrow band across Nebraska, to arrive & again spread out across their summer home in Canada. These large cranes are especially graceful despite 7 ft. wing spans and squat bodies balancing on spindly legs. Watch their dance moves in the sidebar video shot by Harold Silver in southern Ontario.

As the Sandhill Cranes traverse a narrow route across Nebraska's beautiful Sandhills, they stop for several weeks to rest and mate along a 50 mile-wide stretch of Nebraska's Platte River near Kearney. This wildlife spectacle of graceful cranes swoop up each night in the sky & land gracefully on sandbars in the Platte to roost overnight. It is a sight to behold while visiting Nebraska in March.

Let's not forgot 500,000 snow geese, trading places from the north to the south, that gather in Missouri's Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge. Their chattering as they roost for the night sounds like Nature's Global Trading Exchange every Spring and Fall.

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