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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The LiteSide: First Arms Debate

I have some observations to share about the President's address to Congress last night.

The First Arms debate is not about proliferation or reduction of nuclear arms. NonsenseNews is up in arms over the First Arms of First Lady Michelle Obama. 1,440 hits on Google in 24 hours, 2680 hits in 1 week and 11,400 hits over the last month! Media focus on the First Lady's First Arms would make one think bare arm wrestling will be the new sport of arms negotiations.

President Obama used his gift of oratory to chide and inspire with the best of them - he gives as good as he gets. Couldn't tell by watching Republicans, but the GOP did the same to Pres. Clinton and Democrats did likewise during Pres. Bush 43's addresses. So what else is new? Gov. Jindal is new... as a GOP spokesperson. I heard so many good things about him, I wanted to like him... but he simply does not have the gift of oratory.

Wish now I had taught my kids to clap every time I said something they liked and if they really, really liked it, to stand up and clap really hard with an occasional long "whooey" too! Too late now that they're almost as old as the First Couple and parents themselves. Parents today should consider whether they're teaching their children to respect them today, tomorrow and when they're my age.

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