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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Can Elegance Trump Hate?

Georgia's 10th District Rep. Paul Braun used HATE with fear-mongering code words to belittle our 44th President at a Rotary meeting. How his hateful words made national news to be repeated on talk radio is another story. Braun's ploy to use national media to drive voters back to the polls for Saxby Chambliss in a run-off worked stunningly well.

Contrast that with ELEGANT words about what it means to be American in a published essay by Waverli Rainey, a teenager in Wasilla, Alaska. Waverli (who is white) was deeply disturbed by disrespect shown a new president on election night at Wasilla's Sports Complex & by open hate-filled bigotry at school the next day. Waverli decries her own lack of courage to speak out, but with courage & essay in hand, went to the local paper.

The Frontiersman published Waverli's essay on Nov. 13. Certain blogs took note, but not the national news media. Why is that?

Waverli turned aside hate, not by a rant like Rep. Braun, but with ELEGANT writing... as did our Founding Fathers. Her most powerful writing is her description of what being an American means - feelings shared by millions of silent Americans who spoke with their votes.  [Note:  Please read this letter from Waverli's mother before reading the article.]

Valley teen has some big questions
By Waverli Rainey
Frontiersman Spectrum | Nov. 13, 2008

Hats off to Waverli Rainey & other young people who want a better America where hate words have no power at all. They are the future of our nation.

The question is - will national news give Waverli's elegant words as much attention as Dr. Broun's hateful fear-mongering words?

Freedom of the press carries within certain responsibilities & tremendous power. We the people must insist our national press give more power to words of ELEGANCE than words of HATE - if WE want a better nation.

Kudos also to other young people who walk the talk. They put their own lives on hold, drove long distances to Georgia, & are working long 12 hr. days - just to get out the vote for Democrat Jim Martin, who's challenging the incumbent Senator in a run-off. Same young people worked tirelessly for another challenger who walks the talk - Barrack Obama.

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  1. Great post. Thanks for visiting my blog as well.
    There's a benefit for Jim Martin
    Sunday, from 4-6 at Bertis and Katherine Downs' house on Cobb Street.
    Somehow, we've got to get Chambliss out.
    It's great to meet a fellow Athenian!


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